FDA Distinguished Alumni Award

Description: This is an FDA-sponsored award for which FDAAA is asked to nominate candidates. Recipients receive a personal letter signed by the Commissioner, plus an engraved crystal bowl. Items are presented at FDA's annual Honor Awards Ceremony.


Edward A. Steele

Mr. Edward (Ed) Steele served FDA for thirty (30) years in a number of different capacities (see listing below), all focused on improving the Agency's ability to maintain the "world's safest food supply". After starting his own consulting group specializing in FDA and food safety related issues, Mr. Steele became very active in the FDA Alumni Association, become Chairman of the Communications Committee 2008, significantly improving the awareness of the Association with FDA alumni. In 2013, Edward was elected President of the FDA Alumni Association. Under his leadership, the collaboration and ties between the Agency and the Association have become even stronger, even with the somewhat revolving door of FDA Commissioners, late in the last administration. Of note is that while at FDA, Mr. Steele was awarded the Commendable Service Group Awards, and twice, the Award of Merit. Mr. Edward Steele exemplifies the true intent and visualization of an FDA Distinguished Alumni and is deserving of receiving this award.

All Recipients - see the full list of FDA Distinguished Alumni Award recipients

Eligibility: Former FDA employees who left the agency at least five (5) years ago and meet the following criteria:

  • have a continuing and major impact on FDA as a whole;
  • reflect FDA's values; and
  • exemplify an outstanding commitment to meeting the agency's mission of protecting the public health.

Selection: Nominations can be made by any Association member. Nominations must be directed to the Awards Committee ( The Awards Committee will screen all nominations and forward recommendations to the Board of Directors for final decision. The names of FDAAA nominees will then be forwarded to FDA's Awards Coordinator for presentation to the agency's Executive Council. The FDA Commissioner will make the final selection(s).

The Harvey W. Wiley Lecture

Description: A lectureship named in honor of Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, the renowned physician-chemist who, at the turn of the 20th century, championed a legislative crusade against food adulteration, earning him the title of "Father of the Pure Food and Drugs Act" when it was enacted into law in 1906. The Lecture will be presented at the FDAAA Annual Meeting each April.

2017 Harvey W. Wiley Lecturer

Dr. Margaret “Peggy” Hamburg

Margaret Ann Hamburg is an American physician and public health administrator. She served as the 21st Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from May 2009 to April 2015. Hamburg was the longest-serving FDA commissioner since David A. Kessler, and was the second woman to hold the position. Forbes named her as one of the world's 100 most powerful women multiple times, most recently in 2014

In 1991 Hamburg was appointed Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In 1997, President Bill Clinton appointed Hamburg as Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She served in this policy role until 2001 when she became the founding Vice President for Biological Programs and later the Senior Scientist for the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a foundation dedicated to reducing the threat to public safety from nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Hamburg was nominated by President Barack Obama in March 2009 to become Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and was unanimously confirmed in May 2009. As FDA Commissioner she was known for advancing regulatory science, streamlining and modernizing FDA's regulatory pathways, and globalization of the agency, as well as the implementation of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (2009), the Food Safety Modernization Act (2011), and a review of the system for the evaluation and approval of medical devices.

All Harvey W. Wiley Lecturers - see list of all Harvey W. Wiley Lecturers

Eligibility: Lecturers shall be prominent figures from the fields of public health, health research, public health education, health care delivery, science journalism, food and drug law, and public policy-making, who can:

  • promote broader public enlightenment of, and support for, the mission of FDA;
  • provide intellectually stimulating, futurist perspectives on 21st century roles of the FDA in public health;
  • initiate a meaningful dialogue on innovative ways the FDAAA and its membership can impact the current and future mission of the FDA and its capacities to protect and promote the public health.

Selection: Suggestions for Lecturers can be made by any Association member and must be directed to the Activities Committee ( for initial consideration. Final invitations to Wiley Lecturers will be made by the Chairman of the Board.

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Previous Speeches

FDAAA Founder's Award Recipients

Description: The Founder's Award was approved by the Board in January, 2011. In this, the tenth year of the FDAAA, it was decided that honoring the founders of the organization in the inaugural year of the award was most appropriate! The Founder's Award was established to honor the members of the FDAAA who have served with distinction in a leadership capacity, i.e. Board members or Committee Chairs who:

  • Made significant and visible contributions to promoting the growth and/or visibility of the FDAAA;
  • Have served more than one term on the Board and in so doing have advanced the organization's goals and mission;
  • Exemplifies the true spirit and intention of the motto: "Serving those who have served".

2017 Founder's Award Recipient

Dr. C.K. Gund

As FDAAA Secretary, Dr. C.K. Gund provides the support and leadership to facilitate the conduct of the FDAAA’s business, which includes everything from scheduling and organizing every detail of the Executive Committee, Board, and Annual meetings to conducting yearly voting for Officers and Board members. She has served in this capacity since 2012. Her excellent writing skills are demonstrated in the records of Board actions. CK uses exceptional communication skills to keep abreast of various committees’ activities and their members, and acts as a conduit between the committees and FDAAA leadership. She knows and applies the FDAAA governing documents at Executive Committee, Board, and Annual meetings, guiding procedures within legal boundaries. She does all this with diligence and commitment and a sense of humor – from a remote location. CK’s organizational and communication skills have significantly contributed to promoting the growth of the FDAAA. Her efforts exemplify the true spirit and intent of “Serving those who have served.” As with any organization, it is critical that someone provide the organizational glue to promote and support the organization. CK is that glue.

Karen Carson

Karen Carson, as Chair of the Member Services Committee, has handled the entire membership procedures by herself for a couple of years before she gained a team member to assist her. She has organized the membership process so that it works efficiently in providing new members’ information and handling questions as they arise. In addition, she informs the various Chairs immediately when a new member expresses a desire to work on their committee. She also has managed the invoice procedure so it is seamless and is prepared to report on the organization’s total membership at each Board meeting. In addition, she and her team member maintain the FDAAA Directory and update it regularly to assure that the proper information is noted. Karen is willing to go above and beyond her responsibilities and does so as the organization’s Secretary’s right arm. She attends each Board meeting to take notes of the various actions due to the Secretary being unable to attend and jumped in to handle all of the Secretary’s duties when the Secretary was unavailable. She works with the treasurer is assure that when the membership invoices are paid, the amount is documented in the finance report. She is willing to assist any and all Directors, Officers and Chairs and has provided many new insights to various problems. Karen can always to count on for being there with her organizational and wonderful personal attitude for all the organization’s members. She is certainly one whose actions truly meet the statement, ‘serving those who have served.’ She is one great dynamo!!!

Liz Jacobson (Krell)

In Grateful Recognition as Former FDAAA Board Chairman, Long-Time Board Member & Assisting the Finance Committee

Recipients of the FDAAA Founder's Awards - See list of recipients

FDAAA Volunteer of the Year Award Recipients

2017 Volunteer of the Year Recipient

Rachel Turow

In Grateful Recognition for Leading an Active Activities Committee That Increased the Awareness & Benefits of FDAAA for Existing & New Potential Members

Recipients of the FDAAA Volunteer of the Year Awards - See list of recipients

Eligibility: Members of good standing of the FDAAA who:

  • make extraordinary contributions to the growth, viability and image of the FDAAA or to an affiliated chapter over a sustained period of time; or
  • demonstrate highly accomplished leadership in the development and conduct of Association programs; or
  • represent the Association in one or more extramural activities in a manner that positively reflects the ideals of the organization and substantially benefits the FDA or public health in general.

Selection: Nominations can originate from any Association member and must be directed to the Awards Committee ( for consideration. Final selections(s) will be made by the Board of Directors based on the Committee's recommendation(s). This award can be presented to one or more persons each year at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The award(s) will be presented at the Association's annual meeting in April.

FDAAA Service Recognition Award

Description: Recipients receive a finely-crafted wooden desktop case emblazoned with the FDAAA logo.

2017 Service Recognition Award

Laurie Lenkel

In Grateful Recognition of Ongoing Multiple Years Making Important & Sometimes Unrecognized Contributions to Improve the Effectiveness of FDAAA.

Recipients of the FDAAA Service Recognition Award - See the full list of recipients

Eligibility: Persons who serve in leadership positions of the Association (e.g., Officer, member of the Board of Directors, Committee Chair) and whose service has a demonstrably positive effect on the growth, operational success and/or public image of the organization.

Selection: Nominations will be accepted from any FDAAA member and must be directed to the Awards Committee ( for consideration. The Awards Committee will make recommendations on all Service Recognition Award nominations to the Executive Committee and, if necessary, to the Board of Directors which will render a final decision. Service Recognition Awards may be presented at any time during the calendar year at the discretion of the Board of Directors, including the Association?s annual meeting in April.

FDAAA Certificate of Appreciation

Description: A standardized, specially designed certificate bearing the FDAAA logo, recipient's name, date, signatures of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the FDAAA President, and a citation describing the recipient's contribution(s).

2017 Certificate of Appreciation Recipient

Mike Beatrice for organizing a successful FDAAA mixer at the 54 Mint Ristorante Italiano, 16 Mint Plaza, San Francisco

Terry Ogletree for organizing a successful FDAAA mixer in Chicago

Recipients of the FDAAA Certificate of Appreciation - See list of recipients

Eligibility: Any individual who is an FDAAA member or non-member, or entity, who/that:

  • makes a remarkable contribution, either on a one-time or continuing basis, to the operation or financial standing of the Association (e.g., pro bono services, large donation);
  • provides highly-dependable, productive volunteer service to the FDAAA;
  • serves in an appointed or elected position of responsibility in the FDAAA;
  • is a guest speaker or participant at an FDAAA-sponsored event;
  • performs a charitable act that exemplifies the goal and values of the FDAAA;
  • offers a unique idea or recommendation that is adopted and enhances the efficiency, effectiveness and/or integrity of the FDAAA;

Selection Requirements: Nominations can originate from any member of the Association and must be directed to Executive Committee via the FDAAA Secretary ( for consideration. Final selection will be made by the Executive Committee. Certificate presentations can occur anytime at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Participants (retirees from FDA) in Pilot Mentoring Program for ORA/FDA


Louise W. Amolie
Gary J. Dykstra
Arlyn Baumgarten
Malcolm Frazier
Thomas Gardine
Richard Garwood
Carolyn White
Paul Raines
Emma Singleton
James Strachan
Tyler Thornburg
John Thorsky

Innovator's Award


  • Dr. Carlos Pena, head of CDRH’s Division of Physical Medicine and Neurological Devices (DNPMD)
  • Transfusion Transmitted Infection Monitoring System (TTIMS) Team led by Steven Anderson and Alan Williams US Food & Drug Administration’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)
  • FDA’s Center for Tobacco Product’s (CTP’s) Human Capital Team led by Executive Officer Janelle Barth.

Recipients of the Innovator's Award - See list of recipients

Eligibility: The awardee currently works at FDA for a minimum of 5 years. The award is based on activity that advances the mission of FDA and the FDAAA, such as:

  • Innovations that improve FDA operations and help the Agency prepare for future opportunities or challenges
  • Cooperative efforts with FDAAA, industry associations, academia, and international, federal, state and local governments that enhance public health (organizations with supportive programs)
  • Other notable activities that enhance the FDA and FDAAA mission.