Join the FDA Alumni Association’s New Group on Facebook

Would you like to share what’s happening in your life with your fellow FDA alums? Would you like to get in touch with former colleagues? Would you like to exchange notes, news and even pictures and videos?

Now, there’s an easy way to keep in touch. The FDA Alumni Association has set up a group site on Facebook.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking Website that connects people with similar social and professional interests. Anyone can join Facebook; all that's needed is a valid e-mail address. There’s no fee.

Facebook is made up of many networks, each based around a region, workplace, high school or college. Once you're a part of a network, you can join groups that reflect your interests or associations. As an FDA alum, you can join the FDA Alumni Assn. group on Facebook. It’s easy and fun!

Some facts about Facebook:
  • More than 150 million active users.
  • The fastest growing demographic is those 25 years old and older.

New Facebook members begin by filling out their profile with their interests, work and education history, and other personal information, as they desire. They can also post photos, videos, articles and other material they wish to share. Their friends can leave them messages.

Facebook also alerts members to the latest news and activities from their friends on Facebook via the "mini feed." You can access your mini-feed on your homepage, and your friends' mini-feeds on their profile pages.

FDAAA’s group site on Facebook isn’t intended to replace or duplicate the FDAAA Website or the e-mail newsletter provided by Alan Andersen. The Website and electronic newsletter will still be your principal online source for news from the association. Facebook will be an interactive online presence where our members are the main contributors.

Facebook Privacy

As for privacy concerns, Facebook members have control over how they share their information and who can see it. People can only see the profiles of confirmed friends and the people in their networks. Members use Facebook’s privacy settings to control who can see photos, notes, and each part of their profile. You can block individuals you don't want knowing you exist on Facebook, and you can create a “limited profile” to hide certain parts of your profile from specific friends.

You can search for anyone on Facebook, but you can only see profiles of your friends and people in your groups.

FDAAA on Facebook

The FDAAA Facebook group is a “closed” group. Administrative approval is required for new members to join. Anyone can see the group information, but only members can see the group’s discussion board, videos, photos, and other posted items.

Bill Rados, FDA alumnus, is the administrator for the FDAAA group.

How to Get Started

Go to

Click on the Green Box that says Sign Up.

Fill in the required information. (Don’t worry – you can decide what to make public and what to keep private.) Once you complete this step, you’ll have to wait for an e-mail confirmation from Facebook.

After you acknowledge that confirmation, go to your personal Facebook “home page” and, in the Search box in the upper left corner, type in FDAAA and hit enter. Or go directly to Either way, this takes you to the group home page for the FDA Alumni Assn.

To join the FDAAA group, click on Request to Join Group directly under the FDAAA logo. Your request will be sent to Bill, who will say OK and – Presto! – you’re in!!

Hint: You may want to bookmark (that is, save as an Internet Explorer Favorite) the FDAAA Facebook group page so that it’s easy to return to it.

Once you’re an FDAAA Facebook group member, you can share messages, news, pictures and videos with fellow FDA alums.

For example, to add your photo to your personal page, click on Profile edit at the top of your page, then click on Photo in the menu bar near the top of your profile page. You’ll then be prompted to select a photo (you can use any photo you have on your computer).

Explore the options (aka “widgets”) available to post your photos, videos, text, Web links, etc. and share them with other FDAAA members.

Give it a try!! And please provide your feedback to us at