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Catherine Carnevale, VMD

Catherine Carnevale

Dr. Carnevale worked for FDA for 33 years. After several years in small animal veterinary practice, she came to FDA's Bureau of Veterinary Medicine (now CVM) in 1975 as program manager for two programs: the pet food program and the food animal tissue residue program, where she interacted on a daily with USDA. In 1979, she moved to the Office of Regulatory Affairs, where she became the Associate Scientific Coordinator, devoting herself to food and feed safety policy issues and emergencies, with a special emphasis on pesticides, mycotoxins, and industrial contaminants. In 1989, she took most of these responsibilities, including being agency liaison to EPA, when she went to CFSAN, as a Special Assistant to the Director. For a time (1993-1996), she also took on the acting directorship of CFSAN Executive Operations, while continuing pesticide food safety policy functions and acting as the agency's food safety representative in the WTO and NAFTA negotiations. Because of CFSAN's growing involvement in international issues, including standard setting and trade agreement negotiations, Dr. Carnevale moved to CFSAN's Office of Constituent Operations as Director. This office focused on CFSAN relations with industry, consumers and international counterparts, in addition to international food safety and cosmetic policy (in conjunction with International Affairs in the Office of the Commissioner). Finally, Dr. Carnevale was Director for CFSAN International Affairs, from 2005-2008, where her staff led the center's involvement in negotiation and implementation of international agreements affecting food safety, the work of the 21 committees of Codex Alimentarius , programs for international visitors, technical assistance activities, and food and cosmetic international trade policy issues. After retirement, Dr. Carnevale has consulted on international food safety. Her hobbies include playing with her grandson, decorating and redoing houses, and teaching basic literacy to adults.