10 Reasons to Join FDAAA

1. Keep in touch with your FDA alumni friends.

The FDAAA website and newsletter provide updates on what alumni are doing today.

2. Stay up-to-date on FDA issues.

FDAAA events feature talks or opportunities to connect with current FDA movers and shakers. Find out what is going on now at FDA.

3. Business network.

If you're still actively working, keep in touch with former colleagues who can provide the expertise you need. Meet new friends who are capable and you can trust.

4. Carry on the FDA mission, and give back to FDA.

FDAAA offers many activities that further FDA's mission - in person, long distance, within the U.S. and internationally. FDAAA volunteers work with FDA on international issues, mentoring employees, and other activities. This is your chance to give back, at your own pace and as a volunteer.

5. Attend events with former colleagues and friends.

FDAAA sponsors events throughout the year where you have the opportunity to socialize with former colleagues and friends. The FDAAA also sponsors regional activities, so you don't need to be on the East Coast to attend gatherings.

6. Keep track of former colleagues.

The FDAAA Directory keeps track of all members, so contacts with friends and former colleagues is easy.

7. Be part of the club.

Membership includes access to the password-protected FDAAA Member Directory and Members-Only pages on the FDAAA website.

8. Be a part of something special.

Not everyone can belong to FDAAA. Only FDA retirees and current employees can belong to FDAAA. We all understand the FDA commitment, mission and culture.

9. For current FDA employees (who join as Associate Members): enjoy staying in touch with their alumni friends. Plus, preview first-hand "life after FDA."

Associate Members enjoy coming to FDAAA events and many are very active in the organization. You can catch a glimpse of the myriad paths you might take after leaving FDA.

10. It's a bargain.

Joining FDAAA is fast and easy, and the benefits are many. It is a bargain at $35 per year ($20 for Associate Members). Lifetime membership is $300 (and you receive a lapel pin, too!).

Here's how to join.