Photo Album - Under Construction

This page will contain a pictorial history of the Agency and its people. Photos will be contributed by FDAAA members to share memorable gatherings of FDA family and friends over its long history. Pictures taken of individuals and groups at FDA retirements, awards ceremonies, training classes and the like will provide a nostalgic view of the many dedicated public servants that have made FDA such a great institution. Looking back at members at work or play during their careers will be fun for all.

The Communications Committee is seeking volunteers to help coordinate this exciting project. Members interested in helping to solicit the submission of print and electronic photos, and to coordinate their posting on this page are invited to contact Ed Steele at 703-684-4408.

In the meantime, dig out your old photos and get them ready to submit them to the FDAAA Photo Album. To help us organize the photo album, we ask that narrative information for each photo be provided and that this include the year, month/date (if known), name of event/activity, name of the person(s) pictured (if known). We must also ask that no copyrighted photos be submitted without a signed release from the photographer. Print photos will be scanned and returned.

Once coordinators are identified, information of how and where to send your photos will be provided.

This individual page is maintained by Joe Baca