Where Are They Now?

This page will serve as a library of photos of FDAAA members and their personal and professional updates since leaving the agency. All information submitted for this "Where Are They Now?" section of the website are voluntarily submitted by FDAAA members (See instructions on how to submit your photos and personal updates).

We are requesting that members submit two photographs, one taken during their career with FDA and a current one, hopefully doing something fun. The old picture will be posted both in the FDAAA e-newletter, FDAAA Update and on this page. Members can then click on the photo to go to a current photo and a brief description on what the member has done since leaving FDA and what they are up to now. It's a great way to keep up with your old FDA friends and colleagues.

Try it - See if you can identify the FDAAA members below and then find out what he or she is doing now. If you haven't been in contact with that person for some time, take this as an opportunity to reconnect (use the FDAAA Directory for current contact information).

Currently Featured FDAAA Member

Do you know who this is?

Hint: from her position at the podium at a workshop, this FDAAA member was trying to explain something about estrogen to her audience and a group at the speakers' table.



Past Photos

Below are previously submitted photos of other FDAAA members during their FDA careers and see if you can identify them as well. It is a fun way to learn, "Where Are They Now".

Hint: Who is the woman in back on the right?
Consumer Inquiries (Office of the Commissioner), circa 1977-78 (others in the photo starting at left front - the late Ruth Shenker, Julia Rosenberg, and Phyllis Weller). This was an area originally set up to respond to hundreds of consumer letters FDA received after banning saccharin.



Hint: Received the FDA's Award of Merit, the agency's highest award, in 1974 for his legal and administrative work on the OTC Review.



Hint: This picture of our subject was taken in Thailand in 1993 with Don Stresser (Bos DO).



Hint: He was Deputy Director of the Division of Federal-State Relations at ORA Headquarters in 1995.



Hint: He was the Compliance Branch Director in the Seattle District Office in 1990.