Commissioners and Acting Commissioners Endorse FDAAA

Robert M. Califf, M.D.: "The body of knowledge that makes an organization like FDA valuable to society resides with those who have worked there, especially in long term employees who have "seen it all," and sometimes the most useful insights come from those who can compare their FDA experiences with new jobs and roles. The FDA Alumni Association serves a valuable service by providing a forum where former and current FDA employees can meet not just to share common experiences but to advance FDA's mission. I am delighted that we have so many active and engaged alumni and advocate that the relationship between FDA and FDAAA continue to strengthen."

Stephen Ostroff, MD: "Continuity and memory are so important for a regulatory agency like FDA. An active alumni organization that brings together individuals who have worked for the Agency as well as current employees helps to address those needs. FDA is blessed to have an extraordinary cadre of dedicated employees and former employees and an active alumni organization keeps them connected with FDA and with each other. The FDAAA also provides opportunities for FDA to collaborate with alumni, such as on our Pilot Alumni Advisor Program. The FDAAA indeed 'serves those who have served.'"

Dr. Margaret Hamburg: "Since I became Commissioner, I have come to truly appreciate the importance of the historical backbone that you and your colleagues (at the FDAAA) offer our agency – and I am grateful for your perspective and for all of your work. we continue to face complex public health challenges – it is more important than ever for us to engage in a meaningful dialogue."

Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach"To be effective, we need the help of organizations like yours, so I encourage you to keep informed, stay engaged, and continue to serve as a great national resource! I wish you continued success in the year ahead. As a Philadelphia native, I also congratulate your Association for its ongoing work with the Temple University School of Pharmacy to sponsor a scholarship program to aid academically deserving students enrolled in graduate studies in quality assurance and regulatory affairs. Keep up the great work!"

Dr. Mark McClellan"...I think there really is a strong connection that many of the people who have left the agency feel. The FDAAA is going to provide opportunities for people who have left the agency to continue to offer their expertise and perspectives on our activities, and also I think will strengthen our ability to connect with the outside world and let them know about the important new activities that we're working on that are tremendously vital for promoting the health of this country."

Dr. Lester Crawford"As someone who has been part of FDA, now for the fourth time, and has seen FDA from outside the government arena, I know very well just how much of a difference our agency makes in the health and safety of our fellow citizens and in effecting major advancements in science, technology and medicine. The FDA alumni association will be a tremendous asset to our agency as it continues to meet the challenges of the future. I encourage you to support this worthwhile organization."

Dr. Bern Schwetz"When people came to me with the idea for an FDA alumni association, I was immediately sold. I urge all my current and former FDA colleagues to join me in becoming a member."

Dr. Jane Henney"The FDA Alumni Association provides a wonderful venue for staying in touch with the many talented people who have worked at the FDA. I look forward to sharing memories of times past with other FDAAA members, learning of the issues facing today's FDA'ers, and assisting in recruiting the next generation to the challenging and professionally rewarding work of public service."

Dr. Michael Friedman"The FDA has always had a proud institutional tradition of serving others. The FDA Alumni Association will carry on that tradition in a special and meaningful way."

Dr. David Kessler“My years as FDA Commissioner were some of the most fulfilling of my life. An alumni association will enable me and thousands of people who've been associated with FDA to stay connected with each other and the vital work the agency does every day.”

Dr. Frank Young“The Food and Drug Administration is among the very best organizations in government. An organization like the FDA Alumni Association can lend its support to the acknowledgment of the people who labor so hard to make a difference through the protection of public health. It is a privilege to support the agency through the Alumni Association. It is a great idea for the support of outstanding public servants.”

Mr. James Benson"The FDAAA has my wholehearted endorsement. I can think of no finer tribute to the men and women who have so ably served the public health of our nation than an organization committed to serving them and enabling them to give something back to FDA."

Dr. Jere Goyan"Having an association as a means by which alumni can keep in touch with FDA and with the people who have dedicated themselves to its critically important mission is a terrific idea. I applaud those who've organized the FDAAA and wish the Association every future success."

Dr. Mark Novitch"During my tenure at FDA, I came to appreciate just how supremely dedicated people are at all levels of the agency. Their work impacts human life and the economic vibrancy of our country in many ways. An Association that recognizes their contributions and provides opportunities for continued service is one well worth supporting."

Dr. Donald Kennedy"I'm delighted that some of my former colleagues at FDA have decided to institutionalize our collective loyalty to the agency by creating the Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association. FDA has a wonderful institutional tradition of service, and-- along with many other alumni--I need ways of following its progress and its problems. Its success will send a message to others that we really care about the FDA and the public that benefits in so many ways."

Mr. Sherwin Gardner"Becoming a member of the FDAAA is something I encourage everyone who has ties with FDA to do. The organization promises to be one of high purpose and an opportunity to maintain collegial bonds and friendships."

Dr. Charles Edwards"One thing about FDA is that there's always been a tremendous esprit de corps and a collective will to do the right thing. An FDA alumni association will maintain both and that's exciting and very worthwhile."

Dr. James Goddard“The Food and Drug Administration is a magnificent organization with a remarkable history of public service. The FDAAA exemplifies the same traditions and values long held by an agency in which I was proud to serve. I am honored to offer my endorsement of this fine new organization because of its bright future and laudable goals.”