Committees of the Food and Drug Alumni Association

Activities Committee:

The Activities Committee plans and organizes educational and social events and other group activities.

International Network:

The International Network is involved in regulatory capacity building of developing and emerging
regulatory agencies and developing and conducting training materials and activities in regulatory science
targeted for regulatory agencies. (Members of this committee are selected by special vetting process)

Communications Committee:

The Communications Committee is responsible for communications to the members of the Association.
This includes creating and maintaining a visually-appealing interactive website, overseeing the services
provided by the FDAAA webmaster, preparing graphics and printing FDAAA materials, and distributing
FDAAA “Updates” and other electronic communications to the membership.

Member Services Committee:

The Member Services Committee interfaces with members and answers member questions, invoices
members for the collection of dues, manages initial and renewal member applications, and updates the
membership mail list and directory.

Member Recruitment Committee:

The Member Recruitment Committee manages recruitment of new members and is responsible for
developing the content of literature and other materials to promote the Association and its mission.

Associate Liaison Committee:

The Associate Liaison Committee consists of active FDA employees and promotes awareness of FDAAA
membership opportunities, educational and other special association events, and cooperative activities
among FDA headquarters and field employees.

Awards Committee:

The Awards Committee manages the FDAAA awards program, including review and submission of
awards annually presented by FDAAA and those presented by FDA, based on FDAAA recommendations.

Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee is responsible for advising and assisting the Treasurer in the management of the
Association’s fiscal affairs including revenue and expenditures, establishing member dues with input from
the Member Services Committee, and preparing annual budgets and required federal and state tax filings.
The Committee is responsible for the financial administration of all contracts awarded by the Association
(with technical oversight by the responsible Committee).

Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee recommends candidates for key Association positions