Process for Posting and Advertisements - FDA Alumni Association

The Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association (FDAAA) offers the use of our public facing website and our members-only newsletter for advertising, announcements and events of interest to FDA alumni and others that visit the website. These may include job opportunities, requests for volunteers, social events, or similar notifications that seek viewers of the type that are associated with the FDAAA.

    1. A fee of $300.00/month will be charged for each posting. For job announcements, each position will be considered as a separate ad.
    2. If the posting is from a government body or a non-profit organization and complements the mission of the FDAAA, the posting fee may be waived.  The fee can be waived, upon request, at FDAAA's discretion.
    3. Your ad will be posted on the FDAAA website and in the next edition of our internal newsletter.
    4. If your posting is a job announcement, the following format will be used:
      • Posting #: FDAAA-XX-XXX
      • Job/Opportunity: (Brief descriptive title)
      • Organization: (Your firm's name and contact information)
      • Details: (Link to details that do not exceed 300 words)
      • Posting Date: Month/Year
    5. If your posting is not a job announcement, please specify the desired format.
    6. Submit your ad information, job opportunity, or vacancy announcement to Dr. Michelle Zhang at Be sure to include your complete contact information including name, business (specify whether commercial, non-profit, or government organization), phone number and email address.
    7. Once you are notified that your posting has been accepted, you must pay the fee by Paypal on our website.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Zhang at

We reserve the right to exclude any ad or any organization that is not in alignment with the mission, bylaws, and ethical standards of the FDA Alumni Association.

April 21, 2022