Spotlight on FDA Leaders: Jingyu (Julia) Luan, Ph.D. RAC

Jingyu Julia Luan w

Currently, I am the Global Regulatory Lead for multiple Tier 1 products in AstraZeneca. I lead the Global Regulatory Strategy Team Andincluding regional regulatory affairs directors, CMC regulatory directors, and regulatory project managers to support the research, development and commercialization of products across both small molecules and biologics for different therapeutic areas.

I was in the FDA CDER office of biostatistics for 13 years and became an FDAAA Associate Member three years before I left the Agency. My No. 1 reason for joining the FDAAA was the great mentorship and valuable career advice I received from many FDA alumni. Once an FDAer, always an FDAer. In this diverse and close-knit network of professionals, we are all connected by a common thread of having worked at the Agency, and we all embrace the FDAAA’s core mission - helping alumni stay in touch with the issues of the day facing the FDA and supporting the agency's public health mission.

As the co-chair of Membership Recruitment Committee, I sincerely thank you for being an FDAAA member. If you are not a member yet and wondering whether you should join, please make sure to check out the following video featured by a diverse group of FDAAA members. In addition, please feel free to forward the link to any current or former FDAer who may be interested in joining FDAAA. Thank you for helping us spread the words!