FDAAA serves FDA alumni by providing communications, holding functions, listing opportunities, and much more. Serving those who have served also takes the form of helping those who still are serving, the current staff at FDA.

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Edward A. Steele - President

Welcome to the Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association (FDAAA) website

This year's Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association was a special occasion. It honored a number of members who have contributed to the building of the organization and it marked the turnover of leadership of the Board of Directors to Nancy Myers.

Since this meeting in April, there have been a number of changes that all point to the growth and vitality of the FDAAA. This includes a renewed interest in promoting an awareness of Association's activities among current employees of the FDA, a commitment to grow the membership of the organization, and an awareness of the need to satisfy the social and professional interests of all our members (both those in the DC area and those scattered throughout the US and beyond).   [more]

Ed Steele,

Latest Events

FDAAA Holds End of Year Reception as a "Tribute to Center Directors – Past and Present"

About 100 members of the FDAAA gathered on Tuesday November 18 in downtown Washington to recognize and honor former and current directors of FDA centers. Fourteen center directors attended.

Nancy Myers, FDAAA chairperson, who MCed the event, noted the important role that center directors play at FDA, by providing leadership and direction for programs including product approvals and compliance. Ed Steele, FDAAA president read the following remarks from Commissioner Margaret Hamburg who was unable to attend in person:

I am sorry that I could not attend the tribute to FDA's Center directors past and present, due to my long planned trip to China. However, I want to pass along my personal appreciation for the contribution our Center directors have made and continue to make to our nation's health and well-being. Before becoming FDA's Commissioner, I had a broad, but incomplete appreciation – like that of many Americans – for FDA's role in what is often called out consumer product "safety net." My five-plus years at FDA have given me a much fuller understanding of how remarkable FDA is as an institution that protects all of us every single day. And the range of roles and responsibilities that the Center directors have taken on over the years is nothing short of extraordinary. While the FDA is comprised of thousands of truly dedicated people, it is the Center Directors that provide the critical leadership their employees need to realize those exceptional achievements. You are all singular leaders and my respect for your accomplishments is boundless. You are genuinely awe inspiring. Thank you so much for all you have done year after year and for being – in so many ways – the heart and soul of the Food and Drug Administration.

The gathering was held at FoxKiser, a law firm in downtown DC. Sponsors of the event included FoxKiser, Biogen Idec, Greenleaf Health, Hogan Lovells, Keller & Heckman, King and Spalding, Alston & Byrd, Catalyst Healthcare Consulting and, Biotech Policy Group.

The event is part of a series sponsored by the FDAAA to recognize leaders at the FDA and to provide an opportunity for FDAAA members to gather in an informal setting with friends and former colleagues.


Latest Announcements

FDAAA Announces New Treasurer and Chairs for New Member Recruitment Committee

At the August 5, 2014, FDAAA Board Meeting, it was announced that Cathy Carnevale and Susan Winckler will be the co-chairs of the Member Recruitment Committee and Mike Olson will be the FDAAA Treasurer.


FDAAA joins FDA in recognizing the 100th birthday of one of the Agency's most celebrated alumnus

The FDA Alumni Association joins FDA in recognizing the 100th birthday of one of the Agency's most celebrated alumnus. Her contributions are a source of great pride to all those dedicated to the FDA mission.

The following appeared in the FDA Voice on July 24, 2014 (FDA Voice - Dr. Kelsey):


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