FDAAA serves FDA alumni by providing communications, holding functions, listing opportunities, and much more. Serving those who have served also takes the form of helping those who still are serving, the current staff at FDA.

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Edward A. Steele - President

Welcome to the Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association (FDAAA) website

It has been almost a year since I assumed the role of President of the Association. A year filled with great accomplishments and many activities for members to take part in. It has included a number of luncheons with key Agency managers, the annual luncheon with the Commissioner and her top staff, and a gala reception in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the FD&C Act to mention a few. We even held our first "Outside the Beltway" reception in Boston to allow "field" members to get further involved.   [more]

Ed Steele,

Latest Events

FDAAA Sponsors Session on Clinical Research Enterprise in Africa, Asia, and South American at 50th US DIA Annual Meeting

During the 50th US DIA Annual Meeting on June 16-19, 2014 in San Diego, CA, the FDA Alumni Association (FDAAA) through its International Network (FDAAAIN) sponsored a session titled Strengthening Public Policy for Sustainable Clinical Research Enterprise in Africa, Asia, and South America: Progress and Prospects.

The session examined some of the evolving policies and initiatives about clinical research in the three regions with the aim that participants could identify potential opportunities to locate clinical trials in these regions. Specifically, the session discussed ongoing activities to promote clinical research in Africa, Asia, and South America. The session also highlighted efforts at further strengthening the clinical research infrastructure in the regions.


Fifth Annual FDAAA Spring Fling - May 27, 2014

The FDA Alumni Association (FDAAA) held the annual Spring Fling with Commissioner Margaret Hamburg on May 27 at the FDA White Oak Campus. In her introduction of Commissioner Hamburg, FDAAA Chair Nancy Myers mentioned that this was the fifth annual Spring Fling which was started to welcome the Commissioner to her then new job.


Drs. Florence Houn and Zili Li, co-chairs of FDAAA's International Network received FDA's Distinguished Alumni Award at FDA's June 6th Award Ceremony


Update on FDAAA International Network Co-Chair Activities at DIA China, Shanghai China

At the DIA China meeting May 12, 2014, Vice Minister YIN Li, MD of the China Food and Drug Administration met with DIA senior officials and key participants. FDAAAIN co-chairs Florence Houn and Zili LI were invited to attend. Dr. YIN explained China's priorities for reform and commended DIA as a forum for international exchange of ideas and experiences.


FDAAA International Network Conducts GxP Training at DIA China, Shanghai

At the 6th Annual Drug Information Association (DIA) China conference held May 11-14, 2014 in Shanghai, the FDAAA International Network (FDAAAIN) sponsored and ran three important regulatory science training sessions related to GxP:

  1. Pre-conference Workshop: Principles for Successful GxP Inspections - A Hands-On Interactive Approach based on FDA, WHO, and Industry Experiences;
  2. How GxP Impacts the Medical Product Review and approval Decisions (Part 1 and Part 2), and
  3. Regulatory Perspectives on Drug-Device Combination Products in the US and China. FDAAA members were active in speaking and sponsoring sessions beyond these as well. Travel and per diem were paid for by the FDAAA member employers.


FDAAA International Network (FDAAA IN) Visits with China FDA Officials

On May 8, 2014, a FDAAA IN delegation was invited to meet with Dr. YUAN Lin, Director General of the CFDA Department of International Cooperation. Dr. YUAN and FDAAA discussed the importance of international exchange and regulatory science training within CFDA. Dr. YUAN attended the May 11 Pre-conference workshop on GxP FDAAA ran at the DIA China in Shanghai. After the workshop he was very enthusiastic about the role FDAAA can play in China. The below photo is taken May 8th outside the CFDA headquarters in Beijing.


Latest Announcements

FDAAA joins FDA in recognizing the 100th birthday of one of the Agency's most celebrated alumnus

The FDA Alumni Association joins FDA in recognizing the 100th birthday of one of the Agency's most celebrated alumnus. Her contributions are a source of great pride to all those dedicated to the FDA mission.

The following appeared in the FDA Voice on July 24, 2014 (FDA Voice - Dr. Kelsey):


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