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Board of Directors

The business and affairs of the Association are managed and controlled by the Board of Directors. Service on the Board of Directors is restricted to two consecutive three-year terms. See Policy on Term Limits for Members of the Board of Directors. Currently there are 14 members:

Management Committee

The Management Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Board and consists of all the Association Officers. The Management Committee has the power to consider all matters of supervision and control of the business, property and affairs of the Association. The Officers of the Association are elected by the Board of Directors for one year terms to carry out the day-to-day operation of the Associations. The current Management Committee members are:

Denyse Baker


Nancy Bradish Myers, JD

Volunteer Coordinator

Deepika Lakhani

Vice Secretary

Joseph Levitt

Strategic Planning

Brian Mayhew


Jessica P. O’Connell

General Counsel

Kim Quaintance-Lunn

Vice Treasurer


Committees are established by the Board of Directors to provide advice on matters of interest to the Association. The functions of the committees are:

Associate Liaison Committee:

The Associate Liaison Committee shall be established as a subcommittee under the Member Services Committee supporting the efforts of this committee in the Associate Liaison population within the FDA. In addition to supporting the Member Services Committee, the Associate Liaison Committee will perform the following functions as stated in Section 4.02 (C) of the bylaws:

Associate Members shall have the right to select from among the Associate Members one or more liaisons to the board of directors of the Association, who shall have the right to attend meetings of the board of directors and to participate in such meetings on a non-voting basis and provide such other advice and assistance to the board of directors as it may from time to time request the board of directors shall establish a term of service for these members (term limits have been established by the Board as three-years)

Additional functions of this Committee are:

  • Promote awareness of FDAAA membership opportunities, educational and other special association events, and cooperative activities among FDA headquarters and field employees;

  • Identify specific program and operational assistance needs within FDA in order that FDAAA members with technical, scientific, institutional and other specialized knowledge and experience can be leveraged by the Agency;

  • Act as conduit through which information on matters of mutual interest is exchanged between the FDA and FDAAA;

  • Participate on FDAAA's Member Services Committee and Board of Directors to ensure the views and interests of all Associate Members are adequately represented and considered by governing officials on matters affecting the strategic direction and programs of the association. Also provide as-needed consultation to FDAAA's Executive Committee; and

  • Provides a Committee report to the Board of Directors at each Board meeting.

Chair: To be recommended by the Nominating Committee through this Committee's members and approved by the Board.

Associate Liaison Committee Members

Communications Committee:

A. General:

    1. Directs and manages all communications for FDAAA – internal and external.
    2. Prepares and disseminates communications for other committees, e.g., events, recruitment, awards, accomplishments, publicity.
    3. Prepares other communications materials as needed.

B. Inbox: Manages the general email address, mail@fdaaa.org, and triages all incoming emails to the appropriate person/committee for response.

C. Website:

    1. Manages and maintains website, https://fdaaa.orgwith up to date information as provided. Events and photos are posted as they occur. Committees and awards to be updated on an annual basis.
    2. Looks for opportunities to update and improve the website and solicits content from FDAAA leaders.
    3. In coordination with the Treasurer, manages FDAAA webmasters at TechnoGoober

D. Newsletter: Prepares and distributes monthly FDAAA Newsletter Updates via Constant Contact and posts on the website

E. YouTube Channel: Ensures recorded events are posted on @FDAAlumniAssociation

F. Reports:

    1. Annual Report: Solicits and merges portions provided by each committee to create FDAAA Annual Report, clears it through the Board of Directors, then posts it on the FDAAA website.
    2. Committee Report: Provides a committee report for each Board of Directors meeting
    3. Annual Committee Report: Prepares an annual committee report, to be presented at the Annual Meeting.

G. LinkedIn: Manages the LinkedIn page, @FDAAlumniAssociation, and uses it to promote our events and the FDAAA. Helps FDAAA leaders to promote FDAAA and FDAAA events to their LinkedIn networks by notifying them of opportunities and suggesting content.

H. Twitter: Manages the Twitter page, @FDAAlumniAssociation, and uses to promote our events and the FDAAA

Communications Committee Members

Activities Committee

A. Plans and organizes educational events with a goal of at least 4 per calendar year.

    1. Works with other committees and FDAAA members to identify topics of interest and potential speakers.
    2. Confirms speakers, topics, and schedule.
    3. Determines the appropriate venue, i.e., webinar, zoom meeting, or F2F.
    4. Works with the Communications Committee to announce and promote the event
    5. Manages the webinar logistics or requests that the Communications Committee manage the logistics.
    6. Ensures the session is recorded and provided to the Communications Committee to post on the FDAAA YouTube channel.

B. Plans and organizes social and networking events with a goal of at least 2 per calendar year and a Winter Celebration.

    1. Works with Membership Committee and Board of Directors to determine interest and feasibility of holding a social gathering.
    2. Once a date is selected, identifies, and confirms a location
    3. Works with the Communications Committee to announce and promote the event.
    4. If needed, prepares an estimated budget and seeks budget approval from the Board of Directors and Treasurer.

C. Provides information and content (including photos when possible) about past events to FDAAA Communications Committee for further dissemination, e.g., fdaaa.org, FDAAA newsletter, LinkedIn.

D. Provides a committee report at each meeting of the Board of Directors.

E. Prepares an annual committee report, to be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Activities Committee Members

Awards Committee

A. Manages the FDAAA awards program:

    1. Wiley Lecture Award
    2. FDA Distinguished Alumni Award
    3. FDA/Agency Awards (innovator, etc.)
    4. Internal Awards, when instigated by members of the Management Committee

B. For each type of award:

    1. Coordinates as necessary with other committees and with FDA.
    2. Identifies and confirms award recipients.
    3. Obtains approval from the Board of Directors.

C. In coordination with Treasurer, prepare and procure plaques, trophies, certificates, etc., as needed and appropriate for awards.

D. Periodically reviews award descriptions and submits recommendations for changes to existing awards or new awards to the Board of Directors for approval and implementation.

Awards Committee Members

Global Engagement and Outreach (GEO) Network Committee

A. Engages in regulatory capacity building of national and/or regional regulatory agencies 

  1. Opportunities for providing technical assistance are identified through:
    1. Published/established calls for assistance from regulatory agencies
    2. Collaboration with FDA, including the Office of Global Policy and Strategy (OGPS) 
    3. Direct outreach from regulatory agencies
  2. Expertise is sought from GEO Network members and FDAAA members through various pathways

B. Develops and provides education and mentoring opportunities to assist both the international community and FDA staff

C. Fosters and maintains the Foreign Office Alumni Network

D. Generates interactions with FDA and OGPS

E. Organizes opportunities for members to connect, interact, and educate.

F. Develops an annual plan for activities to meet the interests of its members. 

G. Provides a committee report at each meeting of the Board of Directors.

H. Prepares an annual committee report, to be presented at the Annual Meeting.

GEO Network Committee Members

Membership Committee

A. Recruit, Maintain and Retain

    1. Develops and executes an annual recruitment plan
    2. Schedules recruitment activities targeted to general and/or specific membership (retirees, current FDAers, FDA foreign staff)
    3. Promotes awareness of FDAAA membership opportunities, working cooperatively with other committees on educational and other special association events relative to promoting membership
    4. Develops the content of recruitment-related literature and other materials
    5. Coordinates with the Communications Committee on planning and execution of promotional campaigns
    6. Purchases lapel pins and other FDAAA promotional items for events and welcome packages
    7. Ensures that new members receive their member welcome packages
    8. Answers member questions as required
    9. Provides a committee report at each meeting of the Board of Directors
    10. Prepares an annual committee report, to be presented at the Annual Meeting

B. Member Administrative Management

    1. Manages the process of all initial and renewal member applications and submission of dues
    2. Responds to member questions about membership processes and responds to emails to memberservices@fdaaa.org
    3. Maintains a roster of FDAAA members, category of membership, contact information and membership status
    4. Provides regular (monthly or bimonthly) list of new members to committee member responsible for mailing  new member Welcome Packages  
    5. Ensures that FDAAA Constant Contact mailing list remains current
    6. Provides a membership update at each meeting of the Board of Directors
    7. Prepares an annual report on membership, to be included in the Committee report, presented at the Annual Meeting

Membership Committee Members