Founded in 2001, the Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association, Inc. (FDAAA) is a non-profit, non-lobbying organization dedicated to serving those who have supported the consumer protection mission of the U.S. FDA.

Revenue to operate the FDAAA is primarily derived from member dues and outside contributions. FDAAA is governed by a Board of Directors and officers who establish and implement policies and procedures.

The Association offers a variety of educational and service-oriented activities designed to broadly appeal to the diverse backgrounds and interests of Association members. In doing so, the FDAAA strives to meet several goals:

  • Enable former colleagues to stay current on major scientific and regulatory issues facing FDA.
  • Educate the public about the vital work of the FDA and promote interest among America's youth in national service careers and public health opportunities at FDA.
  • Assist FDA in recruiting alumni with specialized expertise and institutional knowledge during critical situations.
  • Consult with foreign governments on the establishment and operation of national regulatory programs.
  • Honor exceptional contributions to public health by former FDA employees and other individuals.
  • Support special events and functions to promote FDA's mission.


The Association's core mission is to help alumni stay in touch with the issues of the day facing the FDA and support the agency's public health mission through expertise- and experience-sharing, training and outreach opportunities. Membership is open to the thousands of FDA alumni and current employees nationwide

FDAAA's activities designed to support this mission are:

  • Periodic educational seminars and conferences on major public health and FDA issues
  • Expertise-sharing opportunities with FDA
  • Outreach programs designed to stimulate interest in FDA employment
  • Consultations with national health authorities on regulatory strategies and programs
  • FDAAA Updates, providing members with frequent email communications
  • FDAAA Website with links to FDA, and other informative sites
  • Membership directory

FDAAA Bylaws

The Association is governed by its bylaws. All members are encouraged to view the legal structure under which it must operate See Bylaws

Code of Ethics

The FDAAA Board of Directors adopted a strict Code of Ethics under which the Association functions on March 3, 2003. All members are encouraged to review the code and be guided by it. See Code of Ethics.

The FDAAA has established conflict of interest and whistleblower policies. See Conflict of Interest PolicyConflict of Interest Statement, and Whistleblower Policy.

History of the Association

Not every entity of the federal government has loyal alumni who have tried to keep in touch with each other and to follow, at least in the newspapers, the activities of their agency. In this sense, FDA is unique and blessed. Its culture and prominent presence in American society over the past century are unlike most agencies of our national government. And so, over the years, many informal social and work contacts have been maintained by interested alumni.

In 2000, two persons (one alumna and one employee) got the idea that a more formal organization of alumni would be a good idea. They involved others and obtained ideas for such a group. The effort soon snowballed. Enthusiastic endorsements were received from former and present FDA officials, including FDA commissioners. From several sources, including current agency officials, came the idea that a proposed organization should be more than social. It could be, many felt, a resource for FDA – not only for ideas and for an institutional memory, but as a potential service organization and support group, especially in times of emergency, such as a terrorist attack.

In 2003, noting the saying, “Once an FDAer, Always An FDAer,” FDA announced it had signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding, [original version 2003] [updated version 2016] with the new Food and Drug Administration Alumni Association (FDAAA). By then, members were being enrolled from many states (and even Switzerland). A slate of officers was elected. Luncheon seminars were being held with interesting and challenging speakers. The FDAAA was on its way!

Click on The Birth of the FDAAA for a document that chronicles the journey to formation of the organization and its early life stages.

Endorsements by FDA Leadership

The FDAAA is privileged to have the strong support of the current and past leaders of FDA. See the comments of several FDA Commissioners and Acting Commissioners endorsing the FDAAA.