FDA Alumni Advisor Program (FDAAAP)

Dennis Baker - Coordinator

The FDA Alumni Association Advisor Program’s (FDAAAP) mission is to assist current Agency managers in becoming more knowledgeable, skilled and effective in leadership roles. In partnership with the FDA Alumni Association and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), FDAAAP pairs respected retired FDA/ORA Managers (Advisors) with FDAAAP participants, current ORA supervisors/managers (Learners), in an open, trusting and confidential mentoring relationship. The goals of this relationship are to share knowledge, experiences, organizational values, and encouragement with Learners in the continued development of management techniques, desired behavioral traits and leadership competencies.

FDAAAP is based on the very successful, award-winning 2016 pilot program developed as a mentoring partnership between the Food and Drug Administration Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) and the FDA Alumni Association. Drawing on the unique expertise of the Advisors, the Learners engage in a completely individualized mentoring relationship focused on immediate and long-term developmental needs and goals.

With the assistance and guidance of OPM, this program is now expanding and there is an approved hiring of additional Annuitants to serve as Advisors. We had hoped to have the additional annuitants hired and participating in our current (Cohort 3), but due to a number of internal ORA factors the hiring of these annuitants was delayed. It is now, however, underway. Additionally, 3 of our previous annuitants resigned leaving us with a more limited set of Advisors to be paired with Learners. The Office of Training Education and Development (OTED) recently met with ORA Leadership, and efforts are underway to hire the additional annuitants to expand this highly respected program. These Advisors also serve the Potential Supervisors Program (PSP) and the Leadership Excellence Advancement Program (LEAP). When we have the information on hiring additional Annuitants, we will highlight it in the Update Newsletter.

FDAAA is very proud of this collaboration with FDA and considers this program to be a prime example of how FDA alumni and active FDA managers can work together to further the mission of the agency. Advisors have expressed great personal satisfaction from sharing their experience and knowledge as Mentors to active FDA staff.