FDA Alumni Association Membership Directory

This membership directory is presented in alphabetical order. You can see if the member is an alumni member or an associate member, or some other membership category and when they joined. A* designates charter members of the association. "H" means home, "W" means work/business and "cell" means cell phone.

While using this directory, a simple and useful search feature would be to use the "Control F" method. Simply hold down the "CTRL" key and hit the "F" key which causes a small dialogue box to appear on your screen. Type the last name of the person you are searching for in the dialogue box and hit "ENTER". If your search is for a common name (i.e., Smith or Jones), keep hitting the right hand arrow in the dialogue box until the desired name appears.

We want to be sensitive to member needs, so if you do not want your contact information shared, please contact Karen Carson at kdlmc@aol.com and we will remove you from the directory.

It is our intent to regularly update this membership directory, so please review the information we have for you and send any changes to Karen Carson at the email above.

Membership Directory